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A nice downblouse and other :-P

VoyeurMasturbation very good these videos i too had a nice situation for an accident of this kind, at home, with my sister. It was a summer's evening, July if i not remember bad :-P, I'm heading toward the lunch-room for the dinner, my sister is sitting at the table, and she wears a tunic for the house, and i see her from behind, and, given that the backrest of the chair was at half, I can see from behind her, and i see her beautiful… Read more

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Sophie's road trip


Written alongside user w4nk3r <3 ( Sophie woke around 9am, the sunlight cutting through the blinds of her room and warming her tired body. She woke with the familiar thirst that follows a night of reasonably heavy drinking; she had been out with friends. She was greatly relieved to find that Sam had preempted this and prepared a glass of fresh water for her to wake up to. She didn’t feel overly hung over but she wasn’t exactly bright and perky, still in last nights knickers as she had fallen asleep before fully getting changed. She rolled across the bed in… Read more

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Carmen On The Balcony After Work


One night I was having a few beers on my balcony and Carmen just got home from work. She was in a tight skirt as it was a hot night and she was a hostess at an outdoor restaurant. She came out and had a couple beers with me and then came over and sat on my lap. We kissed for a little bit and then I started rubbing her legs and she stopped me and said no, I'm getting horny and there are people walking by and our neighbors can see us. I said, don't worry, nobody can see us, even though our light was on and we were only on the 2nd… Read more

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Chapter 8 of Wife's Story

HardcoreInterracial SexMature

Chapter 8 of Wife’s Story It’s Saturday morning and its almost time to head home for JC and Mike. JC wanted to get a quick run in at the hotel’s exercise room before they leave. Slipping into her sports bra, running shorts and shoes, she heads to the exercise room just off the main lobby. Entering the exercise area, there’s a black gentleman sitting on the weight bench doing curls with some heavy dumb bells. “Good morning,” JC says, but he must have been in the zone, and he just keeps working his biceps. JC does some stretches before getting on the treadmill just as the black gentleman puts… Read more

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beta of the family, part three

TabooGay Male

My father and mother came bursting in the door and momentarily the doctor completely froze, balls deep in my pussy. But if the doctor was worried he quickly seem to understand the situation, mostly because both of my parents were totally naked and my father was sporting a massive hard on. Perhaps there was some sort of telepathic understanding between the two male paedophiles because within a few seconds the doctor started to fuck me again. My father smiled and turning to my mother said "I knew this would work" With that he came up to the head of the bed and facing the doctor placed his ba… Read more

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It had been 10 years since Johnny and Beverly were on the very first every Granny Gameshow. Beverly was upset because she felt like Johnny purposely lost on the show so he could get a chance to fuck her, and it was true. But ever since then, for the past 10 years, Johnny has only fucked Beverly twice and that was 8 years ago. Beverly is now 71 years old white blondish long hair, saggy double DD's thin frame with wide saggy ass but very fuckable. No one has heard from the other contestants Maggie and Adam or anyone else since then. One day Johnny saw video on social media about the Granny… Read more

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The postman

Gay MaleInterracial SexMature

My parents lived in a big detached house with double fronted bay windows with the front door being sunk in the middle of them. This allowed for you to look out of the bay window to see who was at the door before you went, but it also allowed for anyone standing at the front door to look in and see you if the curtains had not been closed. It was during the summer holidays and both my parents were out at work, so I had the whole house to myself. A friend of mine had given me his porno mags to have a read of. I had hidden them away in the front room behind the book case. I pulled them out and… Read more

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Snuggled by Aunt Kim

TabooLesbian SexMature

I am Clara this is based on a true story * The moonlight breeze exposed my firm breast. As I saw aunt kim stare . Seeing me she throbbed. As she grew spellbound . .. * licking the door* I hugged her tight. She moaned, pulsating.. glaring at my nipple. As she began stroking it slow.. rubbing her breast softly to mine. Licking... the moonlight made my breasts sparkle wet. Her gentle caress on my breast warm as she caressed me slowly.. Tenderly massaging. My nipple.. grazing me with her hot kisses atop my nipple as she softly rubbed me. Licking my nipple slowly.. pulling my nipple with… Read more

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The Doctor’s Magic Tea


Author’s Note: I hope this tale excites you. I have a deep fetish regarding female domination, and I enjoy being a toy. I enjoy exchanging explicit email and photos, too. Let's talk dirty. I’d love to know how this story affects you or what I could write for future chapters. Please email at: [email protected] Enjoy! The Doctor’s Magic Tea By Peter Wilcum Chapter 1 After a year of celibacy, Roy Morris’ wife Victoria finally told him she didn’t desire him sexually anymore. Victoria is a truly stunning woman at age 35, with 36 D breasts, a trim, fit shape, a delightfully full and pear-… Read more

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Stories only My trip to sauna pt.3

First TimeGay MaleAnal

"Down," he said and pushed me face down to the mat. I could feel him moving behind me, lowering myself so he can reach my tight hole with his cockhead, all the while I could hear other people walking behind our closed door and miffled moaning from other stalls. "Relax" Master commanded and so I did. Shifting a little toget closer to him, exposing me like a trained whore. God I was horny! Master smiled (at least I hope) and I could feel his fingeres covered in lube, feeling my ass and hole. One finger after another entering and exiting me, at times two, preparing me for him. I thought to mysel… Read more

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Intense and uncontrollable orgasm!


Has anyone experienced this marvelous intense ejaculation,? It was my first week at work in a new office we anll for the lift about 7 or 8 people got in and I was one of the last . just before the doors closed, three more ladies entered and in doing so pushed us all back so we were very close together. i ended up with a lovely mature lady’s firm buttocks pushed against my groin. Her perfume smelled beautiful but I felt my heartbeat start to race and a feeling of intense arousal in my groin, my legs I recall were trembling and u knew I could do nothing to stop the inevitable gushing of semen in… Read more

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Wendy K

Interracial SexMatureVoyeur

Wendy Some people might call me a sex addict, while others might just call me a slut. I don’t object to either of those labels, because both are fairly accurate. My introduction to sex came when I was just eighteen and a little naïve about sex. I thought I was in the house alone, so I walked into the bathroom without knocking, even though the door was closed. What I saw shocked the hell out of me. My older cousin, Robert, was standing in front of the mirror masturbating with a pair of my panties. He just looked at me with a shit-eating grin on his face and continued what he was doing until… Read more

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Christine in the Caribbean more sexy fun

MasturbationFetishLesbian Sex

We had been married about 12 years when I was offered the post in Grand Cayman. Warm all year, too hot in summer best beach in the world. Turquoise sea like a tepid to warm bath. i had to work of course Chris was free most of the time but she did some part time jobs to pass the time. I had bought her a new vibe to play with a rabbit from Ann Summers and she loved it. The first time she felt those soft vibrating finger things again her clit with the main stem in her she came so so hard. I thought this will either keep her happy or so it might make her want more of the real thing! i tell tell… Read more

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Caught fucking in the car!

First TimeHardcoreGroup Sex

We had only just started to go out and were keen to explore each others bodies, but both living at home caused us some privacy issues so we used to pop out in the car most nights. One such night we pulled into a farm turning which looked to have been the access road to his hay barn, alas that was burned down so I guessed that we were going to be ok. With a small muddy drive, caused by the trickle of water from the brook running over it just behind the bushes, and a gate that luckily for us was open, it looked like a secure and private place to stop and play. It was around 19:30 and still light… Read more

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School Girl Role Play


After a few weeks of getting to know a man through emails and text, I was flattered that he offered to have me over for some role play with an outfit that we would buy me. He already sent me photos of his cum on my photos with his cock out. For sending me those photos, I had promised to give him a blow job dressed as a school girl. That seemed innocent enough. He sent me proof that he purchased the clothing and long pig tail week for me with white stockings and black heels. The dress was black and white checker. That made me feel very hot and wanted and as though I was obligated to meet him an… Read more

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Fucked at the BBQ by sons friends BBC

Interracial SexMatureMasturbation

It was the middle of summer and our BBQ season was in full swing. My husband loved to have people over to eat drink and be merry. I would run around keeping everyone's happy whilst my husband and his friends drank loads of beers and cooked food on the BBQ. My son Mark and his friend Paul would often help me with the plates, glasses, cups etc bring them into the kitchen so I could wash them ready for the next round of drinks or food from the BBQ, people always seemed to put their plate down then wonder off and forget where it was. I noticed Paul would always walk behind me checking out my big… Read more

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Kinky doublelist panty wearing meetup

AnalFetishGay Male

It was a warm spring day and I decided to post an ad on double list, having not ever met up with a guy I wanted my first time to be something fun. I’ve always enjoyed the look of big dicks so I posted “looking for big dick to play with”, in the ad I added “bonus if you like to play in panties or like those who do”. I got the usual flakey posts about wanting to meetup but no further meetup happened, people were just too chicken. finally I got an email from someone in a town an hour and a half away, no pic just “have a 8in cock looking to play, I wear panties regularly” I sent a pic of my cock t… Read more

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Granny let me pay for it

MatureFirst TimeFetish

This Story is Total Fantasy I've been driving for 4 years and just got promoted and was at work by myself on a Friday. Another driver that I know fairly well came in with his grandmother in her Denalli. Ted was his name and he was very drunk as was his Granny too. Ted is I am going to guess in his late forties and his old granny is probably about seventy two, blonde hair, nice boobs, thin frame. She was probably hot in her day but now she has a few miles on her. Ted said he was going to lose his house because of the damn eco… Read more

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The Enemy: Your Gag Reflex

BDSMFirst Time

The most important aspect of learning how to deep throat your boyfriend or husband without gagging is getting your gag reflex, also known as your pharyngeal reflex under control. While this isn’t an issue for the roughly 37% of women who are fortunate enough to not have a gag reflex[1], if you do have a gag reflex, then this section will teach you how to get it under control. Once you get it under control, deep throating becomes ridiculously easy. Your gag reflex is usually gets triggered when something touches the back of your throat, roof of your mouth, tonsils or even the back of your tong… Read more

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Golf tournament

AnalHardcoreInterracial Sex

3 weeks after Arie and his wife Karen went back to home from their holiday in the Dominican republic. During this period, each day he thinks about the maid he made love with the maid Adriana Moisonda. When he arrived back home, Adriana has texted him to not to maturbate to her pictures, that she only wants that her boy gives him orgasm when he feels it. Arie promised her not to masturbate. Both keep texting with each other. Very small texts, but they keep contact. During this period, he is all the time thinking how to go back their without his wife getting suspicious. Then one day, Arie texts… Read more

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